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Monday, January 09, 2006

Latest News as of 1/09/06

The Microsoft Solution:
Microsoft has created a patch that was originally said to fix the loophole that hackers like SpyAxe have been taking advantage of. The patch is available at

Unfortunately, Microsoft warns of a couple other "critical flaws" in Windows. Read more at,00020020.htm

SpyAxe on Wikipedia: has not only picked up on SpyAxe, but updates their very brief article as more news about the software, fake company, and whereabouts of the culprits becomes public. Some useful links are located at the bottom of their article as well.

SpywareStrike...Not Again:
Well, in a clever attempt to run away from the negative publicity of their scam, the people who brought you SpyAxe present SpywareStrike. It is believed to be the exact same program, possibly with different subfiles. Once again, the registrant is Dave Taylor, who, not suprisingly, supplied false information as to his identity and contact information agian. Please leave any information you might have about SpywareStrike in the comments section below.

For those of you haven't heard anything about this yet, I encourage you to check out their website, . My personal favorite is the quotes from satisfied customers. How odd that they have the EXACT same people ave the EXACT same story as those who left feedback for!


Blogger Bob K. Jennigan said...

What the hell is this all about? Did you get Spyaxed or something? Spike-assed Spy-kissed Pie-cast

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had both spyaxe and spywarestrike. I tried to email both: spyaxe never replied to my email and the spywarestrike one wasn't even a real email!

8:50 AM  

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