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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Who is SpyAxe?

Well, that's a tough question. Whoever is behind this scam is doing a great job of hiding.

Upon today's investigating via, I discovered more info about the responsible party. ,

As it turns out, the individual who is hosting has registered under false addresses. His alleged name is David Alan Taylor (sometimes David Taylor). The Seattle addresses he posts are not recogized by google maps. I emailed him the same letter I sent to Joshua Veronimo, the alleged support contact. I demanded to know who was responsible and what legal action has been taken. Naturally there was no response. It would come as no suprise to me to find that the gmail adresses he posted are also ficticous. But in case they aren't, send him what you think of all this: '' ''

While you are at it, you might see if you are lucky enough to get a response out of Joshua, the sales/support/info/webmaster specialist:,,, PHONE 206-339-5073 FAX: 206-339-5073

Also, upon searching the business names SunShine Ltd and Keramitsu LLC, I discovered that there is next to nothing to be found online. Why would an internet business be difficult to find online? Because there is no business.

Do you think you know who is responsible? Leave any contact info in the comments section of this posting.

Another hunt for the responisble parties is underway at


Blogger Dave Hughes said...

Another good question is "Where is SpyAxe?"

On their website they claim to be a New Zealand based company

The webhost is registered as residing in Seattle, WA.

According to the creidt card trail appears to be going to Russia.

The area code "206" given by Joshua Veronimo, points back to Seattle again.

3:03 PM  

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