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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

As far as I know, this is totally illegal....


If you have made it to this blog, chances are you have been attacked by Spyaxe. Like many of you, I spent hours trying to figure out what was happening with my PC. Then several more hours trying to figure out how to remove the malicious programs and files that were illegally downloaded onto my desktop. While researching the internet for information on this malware and the culprit, I noticed many upset people in forums discussing legal action that should be taken against whatever parties found to be responsible. Some even claim to have made police reports. Let's put our minds together and really do something, shall we?

I'd really like to see a lawsuit against whoever is responsible for the following charges:

Unauthorized software download.

Defendants' failure to provide reasonable means to remove software.

Defendants' failure to disclose the risks inherent in downloading their software and failure to obtain knowing consent from users before unilaterally downloading software.

Defendants' false advertising and software product misrepresentation.

Defendants' unauthorized changes to users' computers.

Class action allegations include:

Unfair, deceptive acts and practices.

False and deceptive advertising.

Public and private nuisance.

Trespass to chattels

Unjust enrichment.

Violation of civil code section 1750 et seq.

Violations of business and professions code SS22947.

Invasion of privacy and right of association.

Equitable relief.

Fraud and misrepresentation.

I think at least some of those charges will be prosecuted against those responsible if such a suit should go to trial.

I am not an attorney nor do I have legal advice to offer regarding how to arrange a class action suit. Perhaps you know someone who may take this case pro bono or offer some legal advice. If so, please leave a comment here.

If you wish to be a part of the prosecution, leave your contact information in the entry above titled "Join Us." If you have solutions to the removal of the spyaxe software, please leave your suggestions under the entry titled "Remove SpyAxe." If you wish to tell your story of your encounter with SpyAxe, please leave a comment under the section "SpyAxe Encounters."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SpyAxe has cost our company a lot of time to deal with. Time is money, money that now is not avalible for our employees to recive in the form of both wages and profit sharing. Therefore we belive that several counts of theft have been commited. These cost are then past on as operating cost to our customers, we belive these are allso acts of theft.

We find these acts no diffrent then reaching into our wallets and taking the money.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have also had a nightmare with spyaxe. much time and aggravation has been spent by myself and my wife to remove this virus and still it lives. Whoever is responsible should be sued, and jailed, I feel that would not be too much of a punishment.

8:08 PM  

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