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A blog designed for the victims of SpyAxe to come together and eventually launch a class action lawsuit against the mailcious indiviual(s) responsible for a plethora of illegal activites.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Latest News as of 1/09/06

The Microsoft Solution:
Microsoft has created a patch that was originally said to fix the loophole that hackers like SpyAxe have been taking advantage of. The patch is available at

Unfortunately, Microsoft warns of a couple other "critical flaws" in Windows. Read more at,00020020.htm

SpyAxe on Wikipedia: has not only picked up on SpyAxe, but updates their very brief article as more news about the software, fake company, and whereabouts of the culprits becomes public. Some useful links are located at the bottom of their article as well.

SpywareStrike...Not Again:
Well, in a clever attempt to run away from the negative publicity of their scam, the people who brought you SpyAxe present SpywareStrike. It is believed to be the exact same program, possibly with different subfiles. Once again, the registrant is Dave Taylor, who, not suprisingly, supplied false information as to his identity and contact information agian. Please leave any information you might have about SpywareStrike in the comments section below.

For those of you haven't heard anything about this yet, I encourage you to check out their website, . My personal favorite is the quotes from satisfied customers. How odd that they have the EXACT same people ave the EXACT same story as those who left feedback for!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

If You Can't Sue Them, Screw Them!

Well, we still don't have enough interested parties, still don't know exactly who is behind SpyAxe, and still aren't any closer to a class action lawsuit.

Meanwhile, SpyAxe continues to infect PCs and extort money from innocent people. Hmmm, what to do...

Still upset and in need of answers, I filed an FBI case against them today. I encourage you all to do the same (and to go on to encourage others). They need as many accounts as possible. It'll only take 20 minutes or so of your time to fill out the online form at , more specifically

I really didn't want to incorporate the government, but let's face it - if you want to see these guys get screwed, who knows how to do it better?

Who is SpyAxe?

Well, that's a tough question. Whoever is behind this scam is doing a great job of hiding.

Upon today's investigating via, I discovered more info about the responsible party. ,

As it turns out, the individual who is hosting has registered under false addresses. His alleged name is David Alan Taylor (sometimes David Taylor). The Seattle addresses he posts are not recogized by google maps. I emailed him the same letter I sent to Joshua Veronimo, the alleged support contact. I demanded to know who was responsible and what legal action has been taken. Naturally there was no response. It would come as no suprise to me to find that the gmail adresses he posted are also ficticous. But in case they aren't, send him what you think of all this: '' ''

While you are at it, you might see if you are lucky enough to get a response out of Joshua, the sales/support/info/webmaster specialist:,,, PHONE 206-339-5073 FAX: 206-339-5073

Also, upon searching the business names SunShine Ltd and Keramitsu LLC, I discovered that there is next to nothing to be found online. Why would an internet business be difficult to find online? Because there is no business.

Do you think you know who is responsible? Leave any contact info in the comments section of this posting.

Another hunt for the responisble parties is underway at

The Letter from SpyAxe

The following is the automatic response given to many who have complained about SpyAxe to the contacts listed on their website:

"Good day,

Please accept our sincere apologies about the fact that we did not answer you for a few days.

The thing is - we received too many complaints on adware/popup/trojan activity on user's PC's related to our Anti-Spy ware product - Spyware Axe, And all this time the issue was under heavy investigation by our Staff and we could not answer each email because we waited for the results of investigation to make sure we discover the reason of this activity, find out who is the offender doing this and find out how to help You to fix it.

Finally, as a result of this investigation, with the help of our devoted users - we found out that one of our affiliates, under affid=10016-10018 was using the prohibited and illegal ways of advertising of our product - Spyware Axe. These advertising methods are completely prohibited by our TOS, and affiliate's actions are a rude violation of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Thus, by now his account is already terminated and according legal actions have been made towards this person.

As a result of this investigation and great efforts of Spyware Axe technicians we came out with these Uninstallation files which should delete all this adware activity which was installed on your PC.

Below you can find quick instructions on how to use attached uninstallation files in order to clean your PC and completely wipe all the advertisements you have on it.

In order to clean your PC from infections related to Spyware Axe product, please follow the instructions below:

1) Save from xxxxxxx to your desktop or HDD.

2) Extract 2 files "illegal_adv_uninstall1.exe" and "illegal_adv_uninstall2.exe" to your desktop or your HDD using WinZip.

3) Execute both of them one by one by double-clicking with your mouse.

4) Reboot your PC

5) Your PC is now clean from the infections.

Again, please accept our deepest apologies from all the Spyware Axe staff. We are doing our best to help you in this issue.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or issues related to Spyware Axe product.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Kind Regards,
Joshua Veronimo
Support Department
Spyware Axe Staff
Phone: 206-339-5073
FAX: 206-339-5073"

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

SpyAxe Encounters

Tell us when you were infected with this malware and what it did to your PC before removing it. Have you not removed it yet? See the comment section on the entry below.

Remove SpyAxe

I was successful in ridding myself of all SpyAxe related files by downloading the program MoveOnBoot.

Several forums mention other removal programs and specific removal procedure. Feel free to leave any advice in the comments section of this entry. Thanks.

Join Us!

If you have been hit by SpyAxe and wish to pursue legal action against the responsible parties, please leave some contact information here.

Reminder: Anyone can read the comments, so the information you post should be something along the line of a junk e-mail account that you check every so often.

As far as I know, this is totally illegal....


If you have made it to this blog, chances are you have been attacked by Spyaxe. Like many of you, I spent hours trying to figure out what was happening with my PC. Then several more hours trying to figure out how to remove the malicious programs and files that were illegally downloaded onto my desktop. While researching the internet for information on this malware and the culprit, I noticed many upset people in forums discussing legal action that should be taken against whatever parties found to be responsible. Some even claim to have made police reports. Let's put our minds together and really do something, shall we?

I'd really like to see a lawsuit against whoever is responsible for the following charges:

Unauthorized software download.

Defendants' failure to provide reasonable means to remove software.

Defendants' failure to disclose the risks inherent in downloading their software and failure to obtain knowing consent from users before unilaterally downloading software.

Defendants' false advertising and software product misrepresentation.

Defendants' unauthorized changes to users' computers.

Class action allegations include:

Unfair, deceptive acts and practices.

False and deceptive advertising.

Public and private nuisance.

Trespass to chattels

Unjust enrichment.

Violation of civil code section 1750 et seq.

Violations of business and professions code SS22947.

Invasion of privacy and right of association.

Equitable relief.

Fraud and misrepresentation.

I think at least some of those charges will be prosecuted against those responsible if such a suit should go to trial.

I am not an attorney nor do I have legal advice to offer regarding how to arrange a class action suit. Perhaps you know someone who may take this case pro bono or offer some legal advice. If so, please leave a comment here.

If you wish to be a part of the prosecution, leave your contact information in the entry above titled "Join Us." If you have solutions to the removal of the spyaxe software, please leave your suggestions under the entry titled "Remove SpyAxe." If you wish to tell your story of your encounter with SpyAxe, please leave a comment under the section "SpyAxe Encounters."